Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Adding & Using Screencastify

Adding the Screencastify Extension

1. Click the three dot button at the top right corner.

2. Choose More Tools...Extensions…

3. At the bottom of the page that opens, choose Get More Extensions.

4. In the Search The Store box, type Screencastify…

5. When you see this option, click Add to Chrome.

6. You’ll know you have the right extension when you see this icon at the top right of your browser:

Getting Started With Screencastify

1. Click the Screencastify extension icon:

2. Click to sign in with Google...

3. Give Screencastify the permissions it requests…

4. If you’d like to view the Help video, it should allow you to do so...

5. Close the Screencastify setup window and click the extension icon again.

6. The recording options box will open up where you can choose specific criteria for making your video. You can choose to record either a single tab or your entire desktop. You can also choose to include the webcam if you’d like.

7. Videos you create save to your Google Drive.